Help begin the start of a mental health consumers road to wellness and recovery by sponsoring their educational training. All trainings are evidenced based and all training material is included.


Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) 6 Week Course

WRAP is an evidenced based program approved by SAMSHA. Teaches empowerment and personal responsibility. Encourages you to focus on strengths and wellness rather than weakness and disability.


Pathways to Recovery 6 Week Course

Learn about mental health disorders, types of medications, discovering you, accessing systems of care and what helps and what hurts in developing a wellness program.


Non-Violent Communication 8 Week Course


Teaches the difference between feelings and un-meant needs . Also teaches you to communicate with yourself and others in a kinder, gentler way.


Peer Specialist Training  8 Week Course

A SAMHSA approved program to teach mental health consumers a wellness and recovery program so they can support peers in achieving their goals and dreams of recovery.